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Everyone now calls me Lallo. The Barber, I manage a family shop in Brescia. "The Barber Tattoo Studio"

The first place in Italy that carries an old tradition of the early '900. At the time, the tattooers 'borrowed' an armchair in the barber shops to carry out their business. It was considered highly hygienic, since in addition to shaving beards and hair, they extracted their teeth, cured high blood pressure and made other therapeutic interventions almost like a doctor.

Today, many things have changed ... Of course we have adapted to the times.

The Barber Tattoo Studio is licensed by A.S.L. it follows all the European hygiene and sanitary regulations and we are in possession of all the requirements.

We mainly offer Tattoo and Barber Shop services. But in the studio you can also find vintage objects in display and (perhaps) for sale; handmade perfumes formulated with ancient recipes and other things you can discover by coming to find ...

I save you from of the many professional awards that, genuinely, I do not want to list how everyone does. And then 33 years of work are long ...

I just tell you this short story:

I started doing the shop garante in Dad's salon. I like to remember when one day he said this to me:

"If you do not already have another job in mind, because in life you have to work to live, presented to me Tuesday at 9:00. You're in trial for a week and you're 5,000 lire "

One of his colleagues, who had previously been instructed, welcomed me and gave me the first directives. He took me to the services and gave me detergent and gloves, he said to me, "You starts washing the toilet, when you're done call me." I asked him if he had to wash my crap ...

After all I was the son of the owner ...

She said to me, "No! You do not have to wash it. What else do you know to do as a barber? " Nothing, I told him ... He switched off promptly, "Then he begins to wash the toilette. In fact, you're lucky because when I started, there were no gloves "

That was the first life lesson I received from my father. Thanks to his teachings, I have formed my character and the technical skills that, as Sasà said,

"How good I am doing my job must tell the others, not me"

Tattoo for over 15 years and I have been serving in prestigious Tattoo Studio. I inherited the passion for 'needles and ink' from my grandfather. Sailor. Also for this topic, I do not add ... I invite you first to look at my photos of my works, visit the Facebook page or Instagram, then decide if you want me to be tattooed by me.

ps: in the studio you only listen to Jazz music. Nobody's in a hurry here. You can also just go to look at what's new ... make some chats and / or have a coffee ... Work permitting.

The Barber Tattoo Studio,

Reasonable prices,

My grandfather was a sailor.

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